Affordable, Seasonal Gifts ~ Eco-friendly, Too

It has been a difficult year for shoppers and store owners, with shipping problems and such inflation! 

We are all looking for gift ideas that are affordable and eco-friendly, so here at Green Home Gear, we've been looking, too.  Our decor collection includes some of our favorite finds - unique fair trade, handmade products.

Most people appreciate the work of independent artisans.  Traditional artisans produce handmade items using the techniques passed down through generations, sharing their culture and history with everyone.  We have found handwoven Peruvian bags, baskets made from jute and seagrass, handblown glass ornaments from India.

Handmade glass ornaments in silver and red

Products shipped from India are processed very quickly.  Some duty and tax is payable upon receipt, but we have kept our prices as low as possible (Canadian).

Our products with authentic indigenous designs ship from B.C. and are very reasonably priced.  This espresso cup with the Lovebirds design is an affordable favorite and is perfect for a child's hand, too.

Check out the handmade Christmas ornaments that ship from Canada. 

All of the photography (on sale until January 1st, 2023) was taken by a local photographer, and is printed on demand then shipped from Vancouver, B.C.

We will keep looking for affordable gifts for all seasons, free of plastic and supporting individual artists.

Our wish for you is a happy healthy new year!



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