Can I Make My Home Plastic-Free?

A zero plastic home - is it possible?  It's hard to believe past generations survived without it!  At Green Home Gear we are always searching for safe alternatives.

Plastic from petroleum is in every part of our lives but evidence of its' toxicity is clear, so savvy consumers are looking for alternatives.   According to National Geographic, 18 billion pounds of petroleum based plastic flows into the oceans every year and it is harming all forms of life.

Research and development projects are creating less harmful material that is plastic (flexible, malleable) but not made from petroleum, which pollutes our water, air, land and living creatures. 

Bioplastic is made from a biological material that is renewable, and often a waste product from other manufacturing or farming.  In order for bioplastics to be a healthier and safer product than oil based plastic, it has to biodegrade or be recycled safely without pollution.  It also needs to be mixed with safe filler.

Bamboo is one natural, fast-growing and sustainable material that is being used to produce a variety of bioplastic household products.  We are happy to offer bamboo fibre products with authentic indigenous designs like this 5 inch bowl, Salish Sunset design:

Fast growing material like bamboo fibre can be made into a safe bio-plastic that is sustainable and biodegradable. 

bamboo forest

If bamboo is combined with corn starch or some other biological ingredient it will biodegrade safely.  Our bamboo fibre products are dishwasher and microwave safe.  

Fair trade, eco-friendly and beautiful.  Giftware that also lets people know about a safe alternative to toxic, petroleum derived plastic.


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