Fair Trade or Ethically Sourced Products

When we search for fair trade products we are looking for equitable treatment of independent artisans, and authentic cultural affiliation represented in the design of the products.

Colonial practices were often based on ignorance of the significance of clan and family crests, traditions and the protocols involved in the practice of culture.  Artifacts were stolen and destroyed, then spiritual practices made illegal according to colonial governments. 

Ironically, some non-indigenous people today attempt to copy and profit from indigenous designs and techniques, which is fraudulent.  Fair trade, ethically sourced products ensure that the artist is given fair return for their work and that the product was created by an indigenous artist with authentic cultural knowledge.

Products created by Indigenous African, North and South American artists are represented in Green Home Gear.  You will find indigenous made kitchen and decor products on our site. 

Ancient designs printed on sisal, hemp, bamboo, cotton, glass, ceramic and stainless steel bring together tradition and environmentally friendly production of home decor and functional items.


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