How Can I Be More Eco-Conscious at Home?

You want a "green" lifestyle, but it's confusing.  Where do you start to become more eco-conscious, or eco-friendly?  How can you "green" your home? 

When your grandmother made rag rugs, she was conserving resources, upcycling fabric, and making something useful out of discarded clothing.  She probably didn't have garbage picked up weekly, she had to deal with the waste that the family produced.  

At one time, there was no plastic in homes.  Imagine that.  Glass, wood, and metal were used and could be repurposed over and over, then returned to the earth without harm.  If plastic turns up in your home, reuse it indefinitely and as a last resort, recycle it.

Start small, by remembering the three R's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce consumption by eliminating single-use plastic in your home.  Plastic wrap can be replaced by good old-fashioned waxed paper, or the new, reusable waxed cloth wraps.   Use glass containers for leftovers and reuse over and over.

Carry your purchases home in inexpensive, eco-friendly organic cotton bags. 

Wash, then use them over and over again.  If you do end up with a plastic bag or container from the store, reuse it over and over, then recycle it locally.   

Green Home Gear has a variety of eco-friendly tote bags for you - check out the tote made from recycled plastic bottles - with a Haida soaring eagle design.

When the organic cotton bag wears out, it could become part of a rag rug, or you can cut it up and compost it, as it's biodegradable.  Not sure what that means?  Read the next blog post:  What is biodegradable?

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