Muslin for Babies and Adults ~ What are the benefits?

Muslin is everywhere these days.  Why is it so popular?

Breathable, hypoallergenic, and so lightweight!   Made from sustainable materials like bamboo, silk, or cotton, eco-friendly and gentle on your skin.

Muslin has been used for swaddling babies for centuries, in fact there is evidence that Asian people used muslin for wrapping their infants thousands of years ago, and parents today have rediscovered this healthy alternative. 

Baby wrapped in muslin blanket with pink and black digger design.

Silk, cotton or bamboo can be used to produce muslin, which is loosely woven and layered.  People of all ages can experience the benefits of muslin blankets, in all seasons.

In addition to traditional swaddling of infants, today we have all sizes of muslin blankets so grown-ups are discovering the comfort babies have appreciated for centuries.  Our increasingly hot summers have made muslin even more popular due to the breathability and cooling effect. 

So Green Home Gear is on board with a variety of bamboo and cotton muslin throw blankets, adult and crib-size, as well as swaddle size.   

We will keep sourcing eco-friendly, luxurious and practical textiles for you to enjoy and to be kind to the earth by avoiding synthetics.  Remember, organic textiles are actually biodegradable.   


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