Organic Linen for Babies and Toddlers

What are the benefits of natural, organic linen?  

Flax is one of the oldest materials, and natural linen from flax is still very popular, even though there are so many synthetics to choose from today.  Savvy shoppers continue to look for traditional, natural linen fabric for bedding.  In addition to adult size bedding, we are pleased to offer crib-size fitted linen sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and waffle weave blankets.  Just like grown-ups have!

How will you and your baby benefit when you choose organic linen options?  You can be assured that no harmful chemicals were used in production.  This means safe for tender skin (yours, too!) and safe for the workers who produce the fabric.  Hypoallergenic and a natural antiseptic, linen allows air to pass freely, cooling in warm weather and insulating in cooler weather.  Breathable, hypoallergenic, safe and natural.  Just what you want for your little one.  And you.

Making linen is a labour intensive but zero-waste process, beginning with harvesting the stalks separating the inner parts for making thread then woven into fabric.  Leftover parts are used for rougher fabric like potato sacks and in furniture production. 

Linen and canvas fabric can be used indefinitely and finally composted.  What? Compost my old bedding?  Yes, organic, natural textiles can be safely cut up and composted along with food waste.  Leaving behind no toxins.

Check out our Linen products ~ and check back often as we increase options regularly.  

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