Upcycled or Recycled?

Upcycled?  Another eco-word to understand!  At Green Home Gear we are doing our best to be on top of the developing environmental vocabulary, like upcycled products vs recycled products.

Upcycled:  creating a new product from another product

Our new aprons and placemats made from upcycled cotton denim are a perfect example of upcycled products.   Leftover scraps of denim destined for the waste bin have been salvaged and rewoven into a soft, new, durable cotton fabric.

Recycled:  breaking down an object in a facility to produce a new product, such as recycling aluminum cans to make new cans.  Cans made from recycled aluminum are less expensive to produce than those made from raw aluminum.

Reuse/Repurpose:  a new use for an old object, saving it from the landfill

All of these are vital to our environmental stewardship and eco-conscious choices for our green homes.  You are probably already making some of these green choices.  We're all in this together!


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