What Products are Biodegradable?

How can I be sure that products are biodegradable, or safe to send to the landfill or compost?

Cities and municipalities are asking everyone to reduce the volume of waste sent to the local landfill, and everyone is talking about composting.  How can I sort this out easily?

Think of nature's own raw material when you are searching for sustainable home products, such as organic wool, cotton or wood.  Biodegradable material will break down or be decomposed by natural organisms without releasing harmful substances into the environment.  For example, organic textiles are not treated with any unnatural substances, so will eventually break down in the compost or soil naturally.  

Our organic wool pillow covers and rugs from Mexico and Peru are made from locally produced organic wool, handwoven on traditional waist looms.  Ethically sourced, organic, durable, and ultimately biodegradable.  

Look for non-toxic dyes, no harmful chemicals, plant-based raw material, and the earth's own minerals.

Although substances such as glass, stainless steel, and ceramics consume energy to be produced, they are made of substances not harmful to the environment, so can be repurposed indefinitely, then recycled safely.

Look for sources of sustainable, biodegradable home products on www.ofhousesandtrees.com .


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