Collection: Organic, Sustainable, Eco-friendly Home Textiles

Soft and natural organic textiles made from eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics for your green home.  Safe and hypoallergenic comfort for babies, toddlers, grown-ups and their guests. 

Natural Linen, Cotton, Bamboo, Wool, and Up-cycled cotton, gentle on the earth, and you.  Organic textiles are eco-friendly because they are biodegradable, so can be eventually composted without leaving toxins behind.

We look for suppliers who engage in fair trade practices, support indigenous artisans and traditional techniques.  Handmade baskets and kitchen linens from Africa.  Sheets and duvets, towels, throws, cushions, rugs, and baskets for every room in your eco-conscious home.

Organic textiles have a softness that just gets better with washing.  Wrap your little one in gentle, organic muslin and yourself in stonewashed linen or organic bamboo.  Store odds and ends, toys and linens in baskets woven from natural grasses.

Ethically sourced, handmade rugs, accent pillows from traditional artisans give your home a rustic, authentic feel and supports sustainable  production techniques.

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