About Green Home Gear

Green Home Gear was born and raised in Beautiful British Columbia, the west coast of Canada, where a passion for protecting and preserving our environment and eco-conscious living is flourishing. 

Our indigenous cultures are front and center with artisans preserving traditional designs  and using sustainable material in their production.  At Green Home Gear we are excited about showcasing local and international indigenous artisans' work.   

Eco-tourism has become important to the economy as well as increasing awareness of climate change and the impact over consumption has on our ecosystems.  Rivers, wetlands, forests, mountains and the arid interior and prairie ecosystems are impacted by our choices.

This means becoming more eco-conscious in our choices, and using more eco-friendly home products.  At Green Home Gear we look for recyclable or up-cycled material, sourced ethically, products that are durable and can be repurposed or reused in a different way.  We support fair trade practices, independent and indigenous artisans.

Can we achieve zero-waste, or zero-plastic?  We can all reduce, reuse, and recycle and aim for a circular economy.

Our environment is changing visibly.  We have been walking the beaches after storms for many years, and the proliferation of plastic waste we find among the driftwood, seaweed and shells is shocking.  This growing waste is harmful to wildlife as well as people.  Microplastics find their way into the digestive systems of living beings.  We want to keep our beaches, rivers, wetlands, forest and arid ecosystems healthy.

We are sourcing products that minimize the use of plastic, because organic, sustainably sourced, recyclable material is easier on our environment.  Wherever we can, we find suppliers who work with authentic artisans who practice eco-friendly, sustainable practices.

Awareness is growing, thanks to organizations like https://oceanlegacy.ca/, https://theoceancleanup.com/, government support, and locals who make a point of cleaning up plastic waste while they are enjoying the west coast scenery and fresh air.  

We choose to source many products manufactured from stainless steel and glass.  This choice reduces the need for raw metal if we recycle again and again, which uses less energy.  Stainless steel is not bio-degradable, but its' ingredients do not harm the environment, and can be recycled over and over after being repurposed or reused.  Recycling stainless steel uses less energy than the initial production.   

Glass is entirely recyclable but not biodegradable, and doesn't save as much energy as recycling metal.  When glass gradually degrades in the environment, such as in moving water, it doesn't leave toxins behind.  Newer ways of recycling, or up-cycling glass into jewelry and countertops are increasing our options.  

Reduce the use of plastic, eliminate the use of single-use plastic, and reuse/recycle any plastic that you can't avoid.  All of the other creatures that share our planet are counting on us.

Our commitment to you is to keep searching for durable products that will help you in your own mission to become eco-conscious, keeping the well being of all the other organisms on the planet in mind.

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