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Black and White Print of Poplars in Winter

Black and White Print of Poplars in Winter

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Densely packed Poplars, leafless in winter.  Stark black and white detail  draws the eye deep into the Boreal forest.

This print is available on canvas or photographic paper and can be printed in larger sizes as the detail is sharp and interesting.   Bring the beautiful and remote Boreal forest into your home.

In spring the deciduous trees in the northern Boreal forest create a light green cloud of new leaves, then yellows and golds in fall, and muted tones or black and white in winter.  

This photograph was taken in the traditional territory of the Tahltan people, indigenous caretakers of the land for thousands of years. 

Size:  32 x 18 (if you prefer 16 x 9, get in touch for details)

Ships from Vancouver, B.C.


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