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  • Brown squirrel perched on a branch of a mossy tree trunk.
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Fine Art Print of Brown Squirrel in Pacific Northwest Rainforest

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This is an original print of the Brown Squirrel, a common sight in the Pacific Northwest rainforest.

The squirrel relies on foraging Spruce cones, an important coniferous species on Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest.  As the ecosystem changes food availability is more scarce, and the forest canopy shrinks, reducing habitat and interrupting the food chain.

This charming little creature is a small but important link in the food chain, reminding us that everything in the forest is connected and vital to the ecosystem.

This original photograph is available on a print to order basis, on canvas and stretched on a wood frame, reducing waste.

12 X 12 inches, 3/4 inch wrap, $180

Ships free from Vancouver, British Columbia.