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  • Set of three white ceramic condiment containers with sustainable wooden lids and tray.
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Azure Lily

Ceramic Condiment Containers with Acacia Wood Tops

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Serve your condiments, dips, salsa, or quesos in these sustainable and attractive ceramic bowls with handmade Acacia wood tray and lids.  

This set makes a great gift and looks lovely on the sideboard or dining room table.  Acacia is a very hard wood and is sustainable due to its' rapid growth.  Like bamboo, it is widely available..

We include ceramic as an eco-friendly product due to its' durability.  It will biodegrade gradually, without leaving toxins behind.  Modern producers use non-toxic glazes.  Reuse indefinitely.

Size of the set:  13 x 3.75 inches

Clean with a damp cloth.

Ships from the US, to Canada and internationally