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Conical Burr Grinder - USB Rechargeable

Conical Burr Grinder - USB Rechargeable

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Conical Burr grinders are the answer to unevenly ground coffee beans.  This grinder is USB rechargeable so keep it charged and no worries if the power goes out during the night.

With five adjustable settings, you can be sure to get maximum flavor extraction from the ceramic core.  Your grind will be just right for your chosen brew method.  Of course you can use the grinder for other beans, too!

Constructed from stainless steel with 3.7 V, 1200mAh battery with 5W output.  Two hours to a full charge and should stay charged for 6-8 hours.

Update:  We are trying this product out at Green Home Gear.  On a larger setting the coffee is fine enough for drip brew.  Remember, press the knob twice for on, once for off.  The grinder will stop after enough is ground for 1-2 cups.  Turn on again for more.

The ABS acrylic parts are recyclable, as is the stainless steel. 

Ships to Canada and the US

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