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Violet Athena

100% Sustainable Handmade Rug from Oaxaca

100% Sustainable Handmade Rug from Oaxaca

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Woven by hand on a traditional waist loom, this 100% natural wool rug is produced by traditional arisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, and sourced ethically.  Natural wool is sustainable and very durable.  

The Teotitlan Del Valle community in Oaxaca have been producing these durable, traditional wool rugs with ancient designs for generations, but mass production has interfered with their livelihood.  Purchasing one of these ethically sourced products helps support family businesses and keep authentic designs alive.

This rug is 3 X 2 feet, with heavy wool on one side and raw linen on the back.  The turquoise diamond designs contrast with off white and dark brown colors.

Producing rugs on the waist loom is time consuming and involves Intertwining threads on a wooden loom, tying the threads to a pole or tree, and to the waist of the artisan on the opposite end.  Using chopsticks, other threads are woven across the threads on the loom producing unique patterns with the distinctive appeal of handmade products.

Spot clean with a damp cloth or dry clean.

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