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  • Organic compostable food wraps with west coast designs.
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Olive Hades

Four Sets of Three Zero Plastic, Eco-friendly Compostable Wraps

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Made in Canada, four sets of all natural, eco-friendly compostable waxed wraps.  Join the zero plastic revolution with this bundle!

Four sets of three waxed wraps, beautiful marine and nature themed designs.  Locally designed and sourced, these 12 wraps will last a year or more, with care.  Eventually cut them up and compost them.  No waste goes to the landfill!

Wash in cool soapy water, do not heat.

Three sizes in each set:

Small:  6 x 9 inches;  Medium:  10 x 10 inches;  Large:  11 x 14 inches

Ships to the US and Canada