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Soft Up-cycled Cotton Placemats, Set of 4

Soft Up-cycled Cotton Placemats, Set of 4

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Set of 4 placemats made from upcycled cotton, producing a soft blue striped fabric.  80% up-cycled denim and cotton with a handy silverware pocket.

When denim and cotton are up-cycled, it means that new fabric is created from the waste generated by clothing manufacturers.  Waste cotton becomes new thread and then new fabric.  No longer waste, but part of a soft new fabric instead of going into the landfill.  Less water is used in this type of production, and a fabric results that is soft and durable. 

When you purchase these fair trade products you are helping a third-generation Guatemalan family who support themselves by up-cycling cotton.

Size:  14" x 19" - 100% Cotton (80% upcycled)

Weight:  408 gms

Ships from the US

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