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  • Sunlight on island with point of land in shadow, water and forest.  Coniferous evergreen trees, Surge Narrows Marine Park.  Discovery Islands British Columbia, Pacific Northwest.  Eco-tourism, diverse species, tidal rapids.
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Original Fine Art Print ~ Evening Sun, Discovery Islands

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This is an original fine art print of the setting sun in the the Discovery Islands of British Columbia.  

The unique ecosystem in the Discovery Islands includes the Surge Narrows Marine Protected area where tidal rapids, narrow passages and cold water creates a rich marine habitat.

The Discovery Islands archipelago is popular for eco-tourism and especially the Surge Narrows Marine Park and surrounding area.  Tidal rapids and rocky narrows create a unique eco-system with diverse species of fish, shellfish, marine mammals and birds. 

Printed to order on canvas.

3/4 inch wrap, 18 x 12 inches:  $175

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